SO MANY NEW ANIMES alsdkjalsk.

What animes is everybody watching?!

I'm watching GOSICK, Kimi ni Todoke (2), FRACTALE, Infinite Stratos, Starry Sky, and Yumekui Merry. I just finished watching Rio: Rainbow Gate! and HOLY CRAP. I thought it was pretty normal at first and the main girl was pretty awesome imo, but then the ending came and FLOWERS JUST FLOWERS EVERYWHERE. They made is so overly dramatic but I really enjoyed it. It was fresh and different, and something totally unexpected.

I love the Starry Sky flashbacks, they're so cute♥
And TEGAMI BACHI REVERSE OMG. ngl Lag & Sylvette almost made me cry. ;;
Kazuki from SS reminds me of Atobe from Prince of Tennis, just because of the whole "I'm the ruler" thing.

I still hafta watch Kuragehime and Shiki. But I also need to get back into Star Driver and To Aru Majutsu no Index II. Dangit ;;

Oh! My mom schedule an appointment for me to see if I have anxiety for sure and what I can take for it. Sadly it's not 'til February 23. D:

Speaking of my mom we went and saw Gulliver's Travels yesterday. I personally loved the movie, and I want to read the book of it because I've heard they are two totally different stories and the movie (the 2010 one; apparently there's a movie based on this book but I know nothing about it for sure) is nothing based on the book.


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I finally finished Crescendo and tbh, I was expecting something a little more interesting. I loved it no joke, but something about it was just meh to me.
Now I'm reading Paranormalcy which is a fantastic book btw.

Putting up my Christmas tree tomorrow! ♥

I wish I had something exciting to tell you guys. My life is just boring and complicated right now. I've had some unstable emotions and my terrible fear of death has been scaring me shitless lately to the point of making me have no appetite and puking alot. My mom's been calling a nurse who never seems to call us back but hopefully we'll get to see someone soon. I really can't deal with growing up and my future right now. ;;


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